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These are photos taken in the garden on a daily basis throughout the year, so you can see the seasonal changes as they occur.

Week of August 10th, 2009

Photo of Buddleja globosa

8/10 - Buddleja globosa


Photo of Dichroa febrifuga

8/11 - Dichroa febrifuga


Photo of mixed white flowers

8/12 - A white moment - Phlox 'David', Hydrangea 'Limelight', Sedum telephium 'Autumn Joy', with wisps of Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpurescens'


Photo of Fuchsia magellenica var. macrostema

8/13 - Fuchsia magellenica var. macrostema


Photo of Albizia julibrissin

8/14 - Albizia julibrissin


Photo of Prunus salicina 'Holiday'

8/15 - Prunus salicina 'Holiday'


Photo of Prunus 'Beauty'

8/16 - Prunus 'Beauty'



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