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These are photos taken in the garden on a daily basis throughout the year, so you can see the seasonal changes as they occur.

Week of July 13th, 2009

7/13 - Three Hemerocallis: H. 'Strawberry Candy', H. 'Sunday Gloves', H. 'Summer Wine'


Photo of Hemerocallis 'Strutter's Ball'

7/14 - Hemerocallis 'Strutter's Ball' (hybridizer: Moldovan, 1984). Happy Bastille Day!


Photo of Lilium 'Muscadet'

7/15 - Lilium 'Muscadet' en masse.


Photo of Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury'

7/16 - Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury' (hybridizer: Childs, 1967. 1973 Award of Merit).


Photo of Prunella with bumble bee

7/17 - Prunella with bumble bee (either Bombus vandykei or B. vosnesenskii)


Photo of Hemerocallis 'Hall's Pink'

7/18 - Hemerocallis 'Hall's Pink' (hybridizer: Hall, 1952)


Photo of Lilium longiflorum 'Pink Perfection'

7/19 - Lilium longiflorum 'Pink Perfection'


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