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These are photos taken in the garden on a daily basis throughout the year, so you can see the seasonal changes as they occur.

Week of July 27th, 2009

Photos of Rhododendron discolor

7/27 - Rhododendron discolor,  our last rhododendron to bloom. It is tree-sized, with fragrant flowers and lovely leaves.


Photos of Prunus persica 'Avalon's Pride' and Prunus armeniaca 'Puget Gold'

7/28 - Prunus persica 'Avalon's Pride', an early peach discovered in Issaquah, near Seattle, and Prunus armeniaca 'Puget Gold', an early apricot, ripening now.


Photo of Yucca gloriosa

7/29 - Yucca gloriosa


Photo of Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

7/30 - Crocosmia 'Lucifer'


Photo of Digitalis ambigua

7/31 - Digitalis ambigua


Photo of Begpnia tuberhybrida

8/1 - Begonia tuberhybrida, growing in a pot


Photo of Digitalis ferruginea

8/2 - Digitalis ferruginea



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