Daily Photo Blog

These are photos taken in the garden on a daily basis throughout the year, so you can see the seasonal changes as they occur.

Week of June 15th, 2009

Photo of Cardiocrinum giganteum

6/15 - Cardiocrinum giganteum


Photo of Magnolia figo flower

6/16 - Magnolia figo, which smells of bananas


Photo of Dracunculus vulgaris

6/17 - Dracunculus vulgaris, which smells of rotting flesh, and is pollinated by flies.


Photo of Primula florindae

6/18 - Primula florindae, which has a sweet smell.


Photo of Eremus robustus

6/19 - Eremus robustus


Photos of three white flowers from three different shrubs

6/20 - White flowers from three different shrubs: left is Franklinia alatamaha, named by John Bartram for his friend Benjamin Franklin; center is Styrax japonica; right is Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile'.


Photo of Iris louisiana 'Black Gamecock'

6/21 - Iris louisiana 'Black Gamecock'



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