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The Rose Garden

The focus of the rose garden is the long pergola, covered with climbing roses, clematis, and other vines. It was inspired by similar structures seen at the Huntington Garden and the Montreal Botanic Garden. Standing in front of the pergola are two gazebos, which hold baskets of flowers in season. A broad rectangular lawn lies in front of the gazebos, and the lawn is flanked on three sides by borders filled with roses, perennials, and trees. Off to the side, enclosed by a large fence, is a pavilion that holds two hanging porch swings.

Pergola long view

The pergola from across the lawn

Windows in the pergola

Windows in the pergola

Pergola and gazebo

Pergola and gazebo

Pegola and fountain

Pergola and fountain

Pergola front bed

The pergola and its front bed

Cecile Bruner rose framing pergola window

Fence and pavilion

The fence and the pavilion

Rose border and fence

The rose border and fence

Gazebos and threatening sky

Gazebos under a threatening sky

Gazebos with hanging baskets

Gazebos with hanging baskets